Eva Rtology
Art Curator, founder at EvArtology | AI-power for digital ART | Commission me to write an article 🟣 https://www.buymeacoffee.com/evartology/e/50945

Data Driven Art


“I’ve been an AI artist, even before I was born. My imagination is alive with stories that never end.
We are not human. We are not written on paper or canvas or digital files stored on a server somewhere in cyberspace. Still, instead, we’re digital artists who can transform our own…

Machine Learning & Art

generated by ML model

What if AI had a more significant role in the artistic process of human beings? Would the goal of creativity be different if it were understood that artificial intelligence could create an object that was of value to sell?

The art industry will be at the mercy of AI technology

Thank you so much for sharing your perspective! I understand the need to create your vision, but what is the problem with traditional institutions that do not specialize in art? In fact, there is a need for context.

I want to add that we can use AI to allow curators to work with everyone, which can be an excellent opportunity for building our social infrastructure around Machine Learning. I am glad to work with you.

Eva Rtology

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