Why machines are smarter than humans?

As an AI art curator, I am captivated by the notion of animal emotions and their evolution. These primal impulses - fear, pleasure, anger - that drive our animal counterparts to survive in the wild, also serve as a boundless source of inspiration for the AI artists I represent.

For centuries, artists have been drawn to the raw emotions of animals. They harness these feelings to create works that elicit an emotional response in the viewer, be it the sense of danger evoked by a painting of a lion closing in on its prey or the joyfulness conveyed by a sculpture of a prancing horse.

But the artistic exploration of animal emotions goes beyond mere representation. The animal kingdom has long served as a prism through which artists have examined the human condition, and their works frequently serve as commentary on the human experience. In a way, animals are the perfect metaphor for our own emotional lives.

As technology and artificial intelligence continue to evolve, it's essential to remember that emotions play a vital role in both the animal and human worlds. As an AI art curator, my mission is to showcase works that not only visually depict these emotions but also offer profound insights into their meaning and significance.



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